Host/ Admin Team

One hour prior to team start

  1. Check network connection and power supply
  2. Download script
  3. Download slides
  4. Download videos
  1. Pause system updates
  2. Pause cloud storage sync
  3. Pause security scans
  4. Check zoom app for updates
  5. Check website profile settings

5 minutes prior to going live checklist

  1. Check audio settings
    1. Original sound
    2. Headphones connected or disconnected?
    3. System sound muted or unmuted?
  2. Check video settings
    1. Framing
    2. Background
    3. Lighting
    4. Teeth and hair
  3. Open Team chat channel
    1. Check in
    2. Move app to working position
  4. Open script
  5. Open slides
  6. Open videos
  7. Start meeting
  1. Check in meeting settings
    1. Chat permission level
    2. Waiting room
    3. Mute permissions
  2. Add co hosts
  3. Admit participants
  4. Pop out participants list and position
  5. Pop out chat and position
  1. Sound and controls check for each speaker individually
  2. Arrange speakers on screen
  3. Assess connection concerns
  4. Assign mute/spotlight
  5. Assign chat
  6. Assign slides
  7. Assign videos
  8. Assign host/recorder/livestream
  9. Assign presenter
  10. Clarify any oos or responsibilities questions
  1. Disable waiting room
  2. Check for open mics
  3. Watch for unusually large numbers of attendees
  4. Follow script
  5. Ask to unmute next speaker
  6. Spotlight next speaker
  7. Watch upcoming speaker
  8. Mute last speaker
  9. Monitor Team chat channel
  10. Squish Trolls upon identification

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