I grew up in Michigan, and moved out to the Pacific Northwest with the United States Navy. I immediately fell in love with the region, and then fell in love with my magnificent wife. After our enlistments were over, we got married and raised two wonderful children.

As our family was growing, technology was growing as well. In a very few number of years, chat messages, social media and trolls were part of many peoples everyday language. A lot of learning took place at an extremely rapid pace. The entire world was now available live, 24 hours a day.

Navigating that new landscape took a while to get used to, but certain themes have emerged. There is a real need to be able to filter the internet. The things we are interested in and want to do are difficult enough to figure out. We also have to contend with the constant stream of things that we could care less about. The tension between those influences can make computers and the internet seem like incomprehensible magic.

Advertising makes it look simple, but when you start to use the machine, or the software or the app, things change. The simplest app has lots of buttons and many people are convinced that one of those buttons will most likely break the entire internet. There are all sorts of nonsense words and phrases associated with those buttons, so you may not have any idea what you are actually pressing.

Finding your way through this new terrain doesn’t have to be scary. You may need guidance, or a little encouragement, but you can do it. It’s only takes the willingness to try, and push some buttons.

Let’s build something together.